Seismic Training

Day Combined Land and Marine Technical Course
This course has a heavy technical content and is intended for those with a good knowledge of geophysics and some knowledge of field geophysical activities. It ideally requires the candidates to have a degree in Geophysics or Physics. Example on request.

2 Day Combined Seismic Technical Course
This course is intended for those who need to understand the basics of the reflection seismic method in enough depth to at least be able to say they have had an introduction to it.
This might be :- Interpreters, processors who don’t have an acquisition background, managers, supply chain personnel, HR etc.

3 Day Managing Seismic Operations – 3 Day Course – Light Technical Content
Course aimed mainly at operations personnel or managers who need to know how their teams should be planning seismic surveys. Example on request.

3 Day Seismic Project Management Course
This course can be given with a very limited technical content and will be given in accordance with the modern process of Project Management and makes reference to the 5 ‘Stage Gates’ which are taught in Project Management Theory. Example on request.


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